PHP Conference Brasil - Keynote Matthew Weier O'Phinney: PHP Speaks HTTP ?


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Keynote Speaker - PHP Speaks HTTP ? (Palestra ministrada em Inglês)

"PHP is a language written for the web, and has always had features to simplify common web interactions -- features such as $_GET, $_POST, and header() make interacting with HTTP seamless.

Or do they?

Over the years, these features have also been vilified as barriers to testing, due to how they've been implemented. Many frameworks and libraries end up abstracting them to aid testing and to provide a
common object oriented interface to the incoming request and outgoing response - which solves the roblem, but at the cost of interoperability?

What if there were a better way? Recently, a number of PHP developers have started taking cues from other languages and platforms such as Ruby, Node, and Python, and positing that common interfaces can take us back to our roots as a web platform, while providing the abstractions necessary to enable testing.

So, come learn about the history of HTTP in PHP, and what its future will look like!"

Matthew Weier O'Phinney: Matthew is a Principal Engineer at Zend Technologies, and project lead for both Apigility and Zend Framework. He has been using and abusing web technologies since the late nineties, and actively contributing to open source projects for over a decade, primarily in PHP. When not in front of a computer, you’ll find him cavorting with his Basset Hound and family on the plains of South Dakota.

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PHP Conference Brasil - Keynote Matthew Weier O'Phinney: PHP Speaks HTTP ? Duração: 41 minutos